Discover Pakistan: A land of high adventure and nature.

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Who is Who

These are the people who are proud of what they have done and we, in highlighting what they have done, are proud of them and want to ensure their activities are recognized.

Justice M. Rustam Kayani

Justice Muhammad Rustam Kayani was born on 18 October 1902 at village Shahpur, district Kohat in the home of Khan Bahadur Abdul Samad Khan Kayani. He was a distinguished jurist who served as Chief ... Read More »

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Pakistan Cities, Towns and Villages

Do you know when the towns of Jhang and Maghiana became one city?

Jhang Maghiana, a city consisting of twin towns is the principle city of Jhang District in Sargodha Division of Punjab Province, Pakistan. It is situated just east of the Chenab River. Maghiana ... Read More »

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