The world must stop baseless propaganda: Pakistan is a responsible nuclear state!

Posted by : Admin on Jul 02, 2017

Pakistan was a great supporter of the Atoms for Peace initiative and had no designs to acquire nuclear weapons. Pakistan strictly adhered to a no-nuclear weapon policy for years. But India’s criminal, evil, malicious and wicked designs, which were constantly threatening the existence of Pakistan, compelled Pakistan to take serious steps towards the acquisition of nuclear weapons.
It is also a known secret that Pakistan’s nuclear programme has constantly been supported by Pakistanis. They reject any external opposition or criticism regarding the nuclear programme. They are fully aware of the fact that in the presence of a stringent enemy in the neighbourhood, it is Pakistan’s nuclear programme that guarantees their existence and freedom.
Pakistanis have always rejected criticism of their nuclear programme, since they know about the strategic environment of South Asia and are familiar with the notion that such criticism is only intended to put Pakistan at a disadvantageous position in the current strategic realm.
An article published in The New York Times titled 'The World Must Secure Pakistan's Nuclear Weapon' illustrated how, a malicious and baseless propaganda has been initiated against Pakistan. The writer of the said article, on the basis of ridiculous and frivolous grounds, has questioned the security of Pakistan’s nuclear programme.
Pakistan has developed and put in place credible long-term and short-term policies regarding its nuclear programme. The credibility of Pakistan’s nuclear security is evident from the fact that to date, not even a single incident of theft or misuse of nuclear material has been reported. This fact manifests the efficiency and effectiveness of the policies of institutions responsible for Pakistan’s nuclear programme. These institutions are successfully countering the security challenges to our nuclear programme.
The issues are an off-shoot of the anti-Pakistan campaign that has been launched by India, especially in Balochistan and the tribal areas of Pakistan. The writer has miserably failed to build a case against Pakistan’s nuclear programme and it seems that he is working on the agenda of India, which has been constantly trying to weaken the position of Pakistan since its creation.
The writer claims, Pakistan must be forced to stop playing a double game, supporting extremist groups while publicly proclaiming that it is fighting terrorism. He has forgotten that Pakistan is a responsible country, which was and is still fighting on the forefront of the war against terrorism. Pakistan has launched major operations such as Zarb-e-Azab and Radd-ul-Fasaad against terrorism, and has caused irreparable damage to the terrorists. Instead of encouraging Pakistan, and urging other states to join hands with Pakistan, the writer is deliberately trying to initiate a malicious propaganda against Pakistan.
The international community not only acknowledges, but is also mindful of the fact that Pakistan is complying with the international obligations with respect to the security of its nuclear arsenals, and recognises Pakistan as a responsible state. The international community must take notice of such activities that put hurdles in the way of a responsible state, which is fighting day and night to ensure peace and stability in the Pakistan and the world.