As a true Pakistani, a Nationalist and a Patriotic; I am saddened: Anjum Hameed

Posted by : Admin on Oct 18, 2020

I am saddened, deeply shocked 😮 depressed after seeing banned Nawaz Sharif Speech on YouTube. The way he has targeted and maligned the character of officers of Pak Army, COAS, DG ISI, Chairman CPEC is extremely sorrowful 😔 remorseful and very shameful. A person who remained PM of Pakistan 🇵🇰 3 times and his political career started through Gen Zia Ul Haq has turned so hostile to Army, the most prestigious and honourable Institution of the State. 
جنرل کی گود سے اپنی سیاست کا اغاز کرنے والا اج کس منُہ سے پاک فوج کے خلاف بھونک رہا ہے، 
In his address to Gujranwala Procession, he has crossed all the limits of dishonesty, disloyalties brutality ,barbarity , savagery , viciousness, and proved himself such a villain , TRAITOR , betrayer, brutus, counterspy, traducer, judas, quisling, imposter, treacherous and treasonable. His speech made me recall the saying of Hazrat Ali 
جس پر احسان کرو اُس کے شر سے بچو 
For his personal political interest he tried to demolish ,destroy ,deteriorate ,  pull down , tarnish , stain , corrode and sabotage the sovereignty, integrity of Pakistan 🇵🇰 and state Institutions . His this cruel action has proven this saying 
بندری کے پاوں جلے تو اس نے اپنے بچے نیچے دے دیے
See the difference of a person from human being to barking Dog 🐕