Our Mission

Pride is a term, which we should cherish. Pride in the achievements of a people, their actions, and their views are something we should welcome when those activities are enhancing and benefiting the world. Pride of Pakistan seeks to highlight those individuals who have become celebrated in their respective fields and made successes of them across the globe. Having pride in such achievements is worthwhile, is a useful way of celebrating the many good, law abiding, talented and hard working individuals who have taken what it means to be a Pakistani and shown the world the best parts of what Pakistan stands for.
We want to highlight and recognize these individuals so that others can see the diverse range of abilities and characters that have gone to represent Pakistan. We want to emphasize those who have done well, have established businesses for themselves and others, and have created wealth and developed enterprise wherever they are, equally those who have become renowned figures in their chosen field. This is not about meaningless self-promotion but about highlighting the very best that Pakistanis has given the world and showing a positive side to what we do, and what we give to the communities in which we settle.
This website is intended to reflect these developments by highlighting the achievements of those individuals who have enhanced the life where ever they are through their work, their actions and their lives. These are the people, who are proud of what they have done and we, in highlighting what they have done, are proud of them and want to ensure their activities are recognized.