We Bring You - Pride of Pakistan Awards

We notice there have recently been some negative impressions floating about Pakistan and its people. We do not believe Pakistan is the home of despair and negativity. We believe Pakistan is the home of countless individuals who have enhanced the life of others through their work, their actions but go unnoticed and unacknowledged. Pride of Pakistan aims to change that. 
Pride of Pakistan Awards date and venue will be announced soon but nominations are open right now! Please forward your nominations to info@prideofpakistan.com.

Awards Categories

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Nominations are welcome for the following categories:

Nicola Sturgeon MSP, Deputy First Minister Scotland

"I would like to congratulate the entire team of Pride of Pakistan for their efforts in making this concept a reality. Scotland is extremely proud of its diverse culture and heritage and our diversity is one of our strengths as a country. The Pakistani community has always made a strong and positive contribution to Scottish society, and today we would not be the same without one another."

"It is wonderful that Dr Imtiaz Ahmed has put such a wonderful event together to celebrate those who have made such a positive difference all over the world. We hope to see the Pride of Pakistan progress further and reach out to other communities across the globe, and celebrate Pakistanis who are both national and international treasures."

Humza Yousaf MSP, Minister for External Affairs and International Development

"I commend Dr Imtiaz Ahmad and the team at Pride of Pakistan for the immense work they have done over the years promoting the achievements of Pakistanis worldwide. Far too often we ourselves become riddled in negativity when talking of our ancestral homeland.

The stories of our forefathers (and mothers!) has certainly inspired me and many of my generation, without their endeavour we would not have achieved anything – it is on their shoulders we stand."

Anas Sarwar MP, Deputy Leader Scottish Labour

“The Pakistani community makes a very positive contribution to the UK; enriching its culture and strengthening its economy.

The Pride of Pakistan website has always been an incredible source of inspiration for me, as it has been for many other young people, showing us examples of successful Pakistani’s in every walk of life, from business and finance, through to law, medicine and politics.

The Pride of Pakistan awards will help to build on this fantastic work by recognising and celebrating the work of those who have helped to make a difference, and who in short represent the very best of Britain and Pakistan.

This is another great initiative of Dr. Imtiaz Ahmed.”

Mohammad Sarwar, Governor Punjab

“It is a tremendous honour to be included on the Pride of Pakistan website, along with some of the greatest minds and talents our country has to offer.

Pride of Pakistan is doing a wonderful job in recognising hard working Pakistanis who have risen to the very top of their fields and who represent the true image of Pakistan.

As someone who has always believed that a country’s greatest asset are its people, I believe it is incredibly important that we do everything we can to showcase Pakistanis talent.

This is what Pride of Pakistan is all about.”

Message from Dr. Maleeha Lodhi, High Commissioner for Pakistan, London

I am delighted to learn about the launch of the website ‘https://www.prideofpakistan.com’. This is the first website of its kind and an important addition to existing sources of information on our community and our country. I am impressed with the quality as well as contents of the website. It is encouraging to know that our community here is proud to be associated with Pakistan and that even though they have made the UK their land of adoption. Pakistan remains the land of their heart.

It is commendable that Pride of Pakistan apart from providing necessary information about our country, also highlights the achievements and contributions of expatriate Pakistanis in the academic world, medicine, law, accountancy, arts, business and politics. The success stories of our leading businessmen provides examples and role models for others to emulate. Our community is among the most enterprising and hard working.

In the challenging times that we live in, we greatly rely on our expatriates to help partner with us to improve and enhance Pakistan’s image.  Besides promoting Pakistan, this site will be helpful in connecting our community, and forge greater unity of thought and purpose.

I would like to compliment Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed and all the members of his team for their efforts, hard work, commitment and patriotism. We admire his efforts to collect data about our community and place it on the website. The community’s achievements do us all proud.

I wish this website continued success.

Dr. Maleeha Lodhi

High Commissioner for Pakistan, London.

Pride of Pakistan

"Pride of Pakistan is an ingenious initiative to bring forward the best among the Pakistani community to present a progressive image of Pakistan to the global audience. The Pakistani Diaspora is always a source of great strength for Pakistan and its contribution in inspiring a socioeconomic change is immense. This project would help creating a platform where the 'creme de la creme' of Pakistani community could interact and share their experiences and success stories to inspire others in assuming leadership roles in respective areas of expertise and change Pakistan's future forever.

‘Pride of Pakistan’ reflects Dr. Imtiaz Ahmed's passion for Pakistan. He has done an outstanding job over the years and this time he has been successful in putting together a professional team to undertake this project for which he deserves every support and contribution from community."

My very best wishes to all those, contributing to make, 'Pride of Pakistan' a success.

H.E Mr. Wajid Shamsul Hasan

High Commissioner for Pakistan in London