Bay Khudi Ep - 19 - 30th March 2017 |

Bay Khudi Ep - 19 - 30th March 2017

Bay Khudi is a tale of Fiza who shifted to her aunt’s house along with her mother after her father’s death. Saad’s mother loves Fiza as her own daughter. Fiza is happy because of Saad who’s her cousinand best friend, however Saad has feelings for Fiza.Fiza luckily gets engaged to Asher who she loves and doesn’t realize what Saad feels for her. Saadcouldn’t accept the reality that Fiza is not his anymore and that’s where his love for her turns into obsession.Cast :Sara KhanNoor HassanLaila ZuberiFazila QaziHajaraArsalan FaisalWriter: Seema MunafDirector: Aabis Raza

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