Bholi Bano - Episode 19 | Har Pal Geo |

Bholi Bano - Episode 19 | Har Pal Geo

#BholiBano is a naÔve girl who is living with her Naani as her parents have died. She is unaware of our main lead Tajdarís love for her. Destiny takes her to Soban who she gets married to. But here she faces the hatred and injustice of Sobanís step mother. She tries to find refuge in Soban but he is not courageous enough to fight for her and thatís where Tajdar steps in and takes her out of hopeless situations. But Bano being a faithful doesnít want any help from Tajdar. Cast:Hiba Bukhari, Syed Jibran, Samina Ahmed, Wasim Abbas, Imran Bukhari, Kanwar Arsalan, Sajada Syed, Nimra Shahid Director: Furqan Adam Writer: Samra Bukhari

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