Pakistani Sports Goods

Pakistani Sports Goods

The sports industry of Pakistan holds a prominent position in the international market for its superior quality sports goods. Some of the world-renowned brands, which are sourcing a large portion of their supplies of sports goods from Pakistan, are; Adidas, Nike, Micassa, Puma, Mitre, Select, Umbro, Lotto, Diadora, Decathlon and Wilsons.

 The fact that Pakistan manufactured and provided the Brazucas, the footballs used in the FIFA World Cup 2014 speaks volumes of the excellence of Pakistan made sports products. Pakistan exports sports goods to 90 countries. However, the principal importing countries are Germany, USA, UK, France and Italy. Some other important importers of the Pakistani sports goods are Spain, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Denmark, Canada, Belgium, UAE, Australia and Chile. In fact, Pakistan is supplying sports products to almost every country of the world, directly or indirectly.

Mostly handmade and reputed excellent in international market, the Pakistani sports products range includes balls for soccer, volleyball, rugby, beach balls, exercise balls, cricket, hockey, baseball, tennis, shuttle cocks, nets, gloves, hockey sticks, cricket bats, baseball bates, protective guards, pads, sportswear, etc.

The low price as compared to general price level and durability plus good workmanship also contributed to the popularity of Pakistani sports goods in the world market.

The sports industry of Pakistan is centralized in and around the city of Sialkot, the 13th largest city located in the eastern part of the Punjab province. The industry flourished and earned a rank in international market primarily due to the care that goes into their designing, manufacturing and selecting of the finest raw materials and above all talent of the local people for making world class sports equipment.

At present, the entrepreneurial hub of Pakistan, Sialkot has more than 3,000 small and medium sized units and over 50 well established state of the art factories manufacturing world-class sports goods. Talking of soccer balls alone Sialkot caters to around 70% of world demand of hand stitched inflatable balls, which is 40 million balls annually.

These balls are exported to world markets by 1,000 plus entrepreneurs. Sialkot gained international celebrity status when it produced the 'Tango Ball' used in FIFA Football World Cup in 1982. This led to the further growth of soccer ball industry in the city.

Another feather in the cap of Pakistani Sports goods industry came when a Sialkot based sports goods manufacturing house was given the task to supply soccer balls, named Brazuca for the FIFA 2014 event on a short notice of 33 days. The manufacturing house exported over 42 million Brazuca balls to Brazil. Pakistani exporters of sports goods, mainly from Sialkot, also made their mark at the Munich ISPO 2015. Around 120 manufacturers and traders represented Pakistan.

Sports goods industries in Sialkot is remarkable success story due to the unmatched skill and craftsmanship of local workers and supportive role played by the government to encourage and facilitate export of sports goods. The government has taken many positive steps and has offered various incentives to the local manufacturers.

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