Karachi K-2 Nuclear Power Plant will produce 10 billion kilowatt-hours of power supply annually: CNNC

Posted by : Admin on Dec 12, 2020 11:33 AM

Beijing:JING: The Karachi K2 generator unit in Pakistan, China's first overseas Hualong One nuclear reactor, began charging late last month, laying a solid foundation for reaching a critical state and operations.
China National Nuclear Corp or CNNC, the Hualong One technology's developer and constructor, said in a statement that the project is expected to produce nearly 10 billion kilowatt-hours of power annually after its completion, providing local people with safe and clean energy. It has driven growth of relevant industries and created more than 10,000 jobs in Pakistan, according to China Daily.
The charging of the plant is a milestone for Hualong One, China's third-generation nuclear power technology with complete proprietary intellectual property rights, and will improve Hualong One technology's competitiveness in countries participating in the Belt and Road Initiative, the company said.
A major result of the nuclear power cooperation between China and Pakistan, the progress of the K2 generator unit lifted Pakistan-China all-weather strategic cooperative partnership to a new level. With a design life of 60 years, it is equipped with the special nuclear fuel assemblies developed by CNNC, setting the refueling cycle at about 18 months.
As its innovative security system also meets the highest international standards, the Chinese company said it is an iconic achievement of the innovative development of China’' nuclear power industry. CNNC is currently building six Hualong One nuclear power generator units across the world.
The K2 is one of the two 1100 MWe Nuclear Power Plants being constructed at Karachi. The other plant, K3 is expected to become operational by the end of 2021. The completion of these nuclear power plants has remained largely on schedule despite the difficult times due to the COVID-19 pandemic.