Mohammad Sarwar, one of 50 Scots who changed the world!

Posted by : Admin on Sep 18, 2019 04:07 PM

Glasgow: One of the world's top dailies 'The Herald' has named 'Mohammad Sarwar' as one of 50 Scots who have helped change the world! His passion for justice and fairness still remains undiminished.
Mohammad Sarwar was not only the first Muslim 'Member of Parliment' (MP) in the United Kingdom, but also the first Asian constituency MP in Scotland.
In 1976, Mohammad Sarwar, then living in Faisalabad, Pakistan, had a plan. His intention, he said, was to go to the UK, work long enough to amass a small fortune and return to Pakistan a rich man. Sarwar did do that, making millions through setting up a chain of cash and carries, but he also forged a ground-breaking political career in the Labour Party. Now the 33rd Governor of the Punjab, Sarwar came to Scotland in 1979 and became the first Muslim MP.
As a councillor Sarwar rescued two sisters who had been abducted and forced to marry in Pakistan. In 2005 he played a crucial role in bringing to justice the killers of fifteen-year-old Glasgow schoolboy, Kriss Donald. The killers fled to Pakistan, which has no extradition treaty with the UK, but Sarwar managed to negotiate a one-off, no conditions attached, treaty, following which they were tried and convicted of murder.
When he became governor, he had to rescind his British citizenship. He said, You can imagine what it was like, going from a small village with no facilities, no sanitation, to Britain and entering the parliament which ruled this country. And for people ruled by the British Raj it is a matter of pride, coming from there and sitting here, where the viceroy used to sit!
It is pertinent to mention here that 'Mohammad Sarwar' is also listed in 'Pride of Pakistan' ( a prestigious list of Pakistani achievers.