President of Pakistan awarded 'Shan-e-Pakistan' award to Begum Perveen Sarwar

Posted by : Admin on Oct 30, 2020 11:35 AM

Lahore: One of the most active philanthropists in Pakistan, Begum Perveen Sarwar was awarded the 'Shan-e-Pakistan' award by the President of Pakistan, Dr. Arif Alvi for her leadership and work with the 'Sarwar Foundation' - now the largest NGO provider of clean drinking water in the country.
Begum Perveen Sarwar is the wife of Governor Punjab, Ch. Mohammad Sarwar. Under the Governor's leadership 160 plus organisations, Punjab Development Network delivered over 3 million rations, PPEs, sanitizers and the list is endless.
After recieving the award, Begum Perveen Sarwar said; I am honored to receive 'Shan-e-Pakistan' award on behalf of 'The Sarwar Foundation'. I dedicate this award to all the donors, volunteers, doctors, my beautiful family & Mohammad Sarwar Governor of Punjab as without their support this was not possible. I am honoured that 'Sarwar Foundation' served humanity during this difficult time, she added.
Perveen Sarwar is the driving force behind the Sarwar Foundation. She has devoted her life to charitable projects. Mrs Sarwar is passionate about women empowerment and established HunarGahs (skill training centres), to enable women to learn skills, go on to start successful businesses and find suitable employment to support their families and make their lives better.
As Vice Chair of Sarwar Foundation, Perveen Sarwar is working in Health, Education, Clean Water and skill development of underprivileged women. She has provided ration (food aid) to over 65 thousand families affected by Coronavirus Pandemic through the platform of Sarwar Foundation.
Perveen Sarwar is the 'Founder of HunarGah' and currently is working on Women Empowerment through Skills Development Centers in Punjab and Kashmir with over one hundred Sewing centers, some include computer classes, Beauty Parlours and Bridal Jewelry classes. Over 20,000 women have been trained.
The Sarwar Foundation is taking a stand against Hepatitis, by providing free Hepatitis screenings to hundreds of susceptible people in Punjab. Patients who test positive for Hepatitis are treated with medication and cared for until a full recovery is made.
Perveen Sarwar spearheads 'Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign' by holding seminars and awareness camps in educational institutions and underdeveloped areas of Punjab. She has done extensive work for 'Women Health' by holding free mother-child camps across Punjab.