Scottish First Minister has been warned 'lives are on line' as hundreds of thousands of people wait more than four months for NHS appointments

Posted by : Admin on Sep 03, 2021 02:08 PM

Edinburgh: An official report has reveald more than 500,000 were waiting to be seen. And of the 396,771 people on the list to see a specialist for outpatient treatment, four in 10 had already waited more than 16 weeks.
The First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was warned by oppositin leader Anas Sarwar on what her government was doing to tackle the backlog. Labour Leader Anas Sarwar claimed the figures were a humilation for the govt and a tragedy for patients adding later that 'lives are on line'.
As of June 30,96,557 people were alsp waiting on lists covered by the scottis government's 'Treatment Time Guarantee', with 61.4 per cent of these people waiting for more than 12 weeks. The legally 'Binding Guarantee' states that eligible patients should wait no longer than 12 weeks for their treatment.
Nicola Sturgeon responded during FMQ's: It is the responsibility of the government to support the NHS and help staff get through an extremely challenging situation. Most people recognise we are in a global pandemic that had a significant impact on our health service.
She went on to say: That's why  the recovery plan, backed by £1billion of additional investment, will look to built the capacity in our health service in terms of in-patients and day cases.
The scottish labour leader Anas Sarwar pointed out that in 2003, sturgeon had attacked the then government over waiting lists that were just 84,000 long. Speaking for FMQ's Anas Sarwar said: the fact of the matter is that NHS is already in crises and we are staring down the barred of a winter of chaos.
No amount of spin or deflection can hide the scale of the challenge our NHS faces and the dangers it poses to the people of Scotland. To say that the current NHS backlog is only down to the pandemic is disingenuous, disrespectful and frankly dangerous.