A well-known political and social worker, Barrister Abid Waheed Sheikh is currently serving as Managing Director of an apex social safety net of the country, 'Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal' (PBM). Born to a reputable business

Abid Waheed Sheikh

Professional Achievements

A well-known political and social worker, Barrister Abid Waheed Sheikh is currently serving as Managing Director of an apex social safety net of the country, ‘Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal’ (PBM). Born to a reputable business family of Pakistan in Rawalpindi, Abid Waheed has also carried out numerous socio-political activities throughout Pakistan. Besides the efforts to uplift Pakistan Sweet Home Project, he has also been looking after 100 orphan children of this project, since 2010.

PBM is an autonomous body set up through 1991 Act, significantly contributing toward poverty alleviation through its various poorest of the poor focused services and providing assistance to destitute, widow, orphan, invalid, infirm and other needy persons, as per eligibly criteria approved by Bait-ul-Mal Board.

He took this responsibility in November, 2013 with the ambition to provide social protection to the poor marginalized segments of the society and make this organization a forward looking, efficient, modern and vibrant to achieve the national goals of judicious distribution of social benefits to the vulnerable group of the country.

His objectives are to provide financial assistance to the destitute, widows, orphans, invalids, infirm and other needy persons with emphasis on rehabilitation Educational assistance to needy orphan and stipends for the outstanding, non-affording students for higher professional education Residential accommodation and necessary facilities for the deserving Free medical treatment for indigent sick people, set up free hospitals and rehabilitation centres for the poor Financial aid to charitable institutions including educational & vocational setups. Sponsor and promote self-employment schemes or any other purpose approved by the Board.

Barrister Abid Waheed believes, poverty poses greatest threat to the solidarity of any country and also weakens the will and commitment of people to act in public affairs as a free and independent people. He is committed to undertake the duty of making Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal a forward looking organization with a pivotal role to combat the menace of poverty in the country.

He has undertaken the prime responsibility to serve the vulnerable people of Pakistan in the field of social protection including healthcare, education, rehabilitation, women empowerment and rehabilitation, irrespective of their religion, age, gender, caste, creed or political affiliation, enabling them to lead an honourable life in the society.

Barrister Abid Waheed is committed to address these social issues, for which has a comprehensive plan devised on the basis of quantitative, qualitative, scientific and other empirical and integrated approaches. He has accepted this vital challenge to deal with the multi-dimensional issues of the poverty like hunger, illiteracy, diseases, age-related illness, low living standards of women and other serious concerns of the society.

To achieve the real target which was behind the establishment of this foremost organization of the country, he is determined to put his vision into action on the principles of TEA formula;

Transparency; in all the spheres of Organizational Affairs

Efficiency; in pro-poor services

Accessibility; for all the citizens of Pakistan particularly from Rural and Remote Areas.

In this regard, a computing and e-governance environment, based on modern IT applications and Integrated Infrastructure, has been introduced in the organization for transaction, communication, planning, management and productivity improvement. It would enable PBM to get International Recognition and the organization would also be trustworthy for National & International Donors.

Abid Waheed Sheikh graduated from University of the Punjab, Lahore and subsequently passed his LLB (Hons) from the most prestigious institution of UK, University of London. He completed his Bar Vocational Course (BVC) from Inns of Court School of Law, UK. He has also earned a respectable name in the field of social services and humanitarian assistance.

Being an Advocate, he has a vast professional experience in various Civil, Tax & Banking matters, who has worked in Trial and Appellate Courts as a criminal practitioner. As a lawyer, he is known for his uprightness, straight forwardness, hard work and intelligence. He is a strong communicator, blessed with gifted qualities to express his thoughts and feelings through spoken and words in writings.

There are numerous reported judgments to the credit of Barrister Abid Waheed, showing the variety of cases he has conducted. Articles on various issues written by him has also been published in the leading newspapers of Pakistan.