Bashir Ahmed Maan, CBE, JP, DL, MSc, LLD, a graduate of Punjab University Lahore, has been involved in the struggle for independence of the Indian sub-continent and the creation of Pakistan from 1943 to 1947 and subsequently

Bashir Ahmed Maan

Professional Achievements

Bashir Ahmed Maan, CBE, JP, DL, MSc, LLD, a graduate of Punjab University Lahore, has been involved in the struggle for independence of the Indian sub-continent and the creation of Pakistan from 1943 to 1947 and subsequently for two years organizing rehabilitation of refugees from India in his locality. Born in 1926 at village Maan, district Gujranwala, Pakistan, Bashir Maan arrived in Glasgow, Scotland in 1953.
He made history in a number of respects such as becoming UK's first Muslim councillor, first magistrate and founder member of many organisations. Bashir Maan played a significant role in developing the infrastructure of the Muslim community in Glasgow. The many posts he has held include President of the National Association of British Pakistanis, Scottish Representative on the Executive of the Muslim Council of Great Britain, Chairman of the Glasgow Central Mosque Committee, Chairman of the Strathclyde Joint Police Board and Deputy Chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality.
Details of his honours, occupations and achievements are under-noted :
1968 Appointed Justice of the Peace – first Muslim/Asian JP in Scotland
1970 Elected Glasgow City Councillor – first Muslim Councillor in the UK
1970-75 Councillor Glasgow City Corporation
1974-84 Councillor Glasgow District Council
1995-2003 Councillor Glasgow City Council
1971-74 Vice Chair, Police and Fire Committee, Glasgow Corporation
1974-75 Chair, Police and Fire Committee, Glasgow Corporation
1980-83 Chair, Markets Committee, Glasgow District Council
1995-99 Vice Chair, Arts and Culture Committee, Glasgow City Council
1971-74 Magistrate, City of Glasgow
1974-75 Police Judge, City of Glasgow
1980-84 Bailie of the District of Glasgow
1975-96 District Court Judge, Glasgow
1982 Deputy Lieutenant Glasgow – first Muslim Deputy Lieutenant in the UK
1996-99 Bailie of the City of Glasgow
2002 Honourary degree of Doctor of Laws (LL.D), University of Strathclyde
1999 Queen’s New Year’s Honours List CBE (Commander of the British Empire)
1999 Honourary degree of Doctor of University (D.Univ) University of Glasgow
2000 Honourary degree of Doctor of Letters (D. Litt) Caledonian University 2004 Lifetime Achievement Award – Goshi Entertainments Awaz Newspaper Azadi 2004 Community Achievement Awards
2007 Lifetime Achievement Award 2007 – The Global Peace and Unity Event, Islam Channel
2008 Award of Excellence, Lifetime Achievement 2008 – Al-Khair Foundation
2009 Award for Lifelong Contribution to British Muslim Community - Muslim Council of Britain
1955-65 Founder Secretary, Pakistan Social and Cultural Society Glasgow
1966-69 President, Pakistan Social and Cultural Society Glasgow
1972 Convenor, Pakistan Bill Action Committee UK
1973-1978 President, Standing Conference of Pakistani Organisations in UK and Eire
1981-97 Founding Chair, Scottish Pakistani Association
2000-07 President, the National Association of British Pakistanis (NABPak)
2001-04 Member, (Government of Pakistan’s) Overseas Pakistanis Advisory Council
2001-04 Member, (Pakistan) President’s Task Force on Human Development of Pakistan
1961-64 Secretary, Jamiat Ittehad-ul-Muslimin (Muslim Mission) Glasgow
1984-92 Spokesperson and Chairman, Mosque Committee, Islamic Centre Glasgow
1990 Member, delegations representing Muslim community of United Kingdom to Arab countries during the Gulf crisis
1992 The Conference of the Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) held at Karachi
1990-1995 Seretary, Islamic Defence Council of Scotland
1990-96 Member, United Kingdom Action Committee on Islamic Affairs
1996-06 Member, Central Working Committee, The Muslim Council of Britain
1996-2003 Joint Convenor, Christian/Muslim Forum, Scotland
2003- Member Board of Trustees British Muslim Research Centre
2007- President, Jamiat Ittehad-ul-Muslimin (Islamic Centre) Glasgow
2007- Convenor, Muslim Council of Scotland
1962-70 Assistant Secretary, Campaign Against Racial Discrimination (CARD)
1970-75 Vice Chair, Glasgow Community Relations Council
1972-1980 Member, Immigrants Programme Advisory Committee, BBC
1977-80 Deputy Chair, Commission for Racial Equality UK
1987-89 Chair, Organising Committee, Glasgow International Sports Festival Co Ltd
1986-96 Chair, Strathclyde Community Relations Council
1987-96 Chair, Strathclyde Interpreting Services
2002- Chair, Council of Ethnic Minority Voluntary Organisations (CEMVO), Scotland
2002- Member, Board of Trustees, Council of Ethnic Minority Voluntary Organisations, (CEMVO) UK
1971-75 Member, National Road Safety Committee
1971-75 Scottish Accident Prevention Committee
1978-81 Scottish Gas Consumers’ Council
1981-91 Greater Glasgow Health Board
1988-96 Management Board, Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations
1987-91 Board of Governors, Jordonhill College of Education, Glasgow
1991-95 General Advisory Council, BBC
1992-95 Scottish Selecting Panel, BBC
1990-1993 Honorary Research Fellow, University of Glasgow 1999-2003 Chairman, Strathclyde Joint Police Board
2000-2003 Chair, Scottish Police Authorities Forum
2000- Founder Member, the Institute of Contemporary Scotland
2001-2006 Hon. President, Scottish Council of Voluntary Organisations (SCVO)
2003-2008 Hon. Fellow, Glasgow Caledonian university
1964 Joined the Labour Party
1967-92 Member T & G W U
1969-71 Member, Executive Committee, Glasgow City Labour Party
1974 (Feb) Contested (Labour) East Fife Parliamentary Constituency – first Muslim Parliamentary candidate in the UK and most probably first ethnic minority parliamentary candidate put up by the Labour Party
1988-99 Member, Scottish Constitutional Convention
1954-66 Travelling Salesman / General Store Owner
1967-79 Managing Director, A A Brothers, Glasgow
1980-86 Managing Director, Bonanza Cash and Carry (Retired from business life in 1986)
Publications The New Scots 1992, The Thistle and the Crescent 2008, Articles on race, religion and politics in UK and Pakistani newspapers.