One of the world renowned female Islamic scholars, Dr. Farhat Hashmi was born to a well-known Islamic scholar, (Late) Abdur Rehman Hashmi in Sargodha in 1957. She had her initial Islamic learning at home. Her father was

Dr. Farhat Hashmi

Professional Achievements

One of the world renowned female Islamic scholars, Dr Farhat Hashmi was born to a well-known Islamic scholar, (Late) Abdur Rehman Hashmi in Sargodha in 1957. She had her initial Islamic learning at home. Her father was responsible for instilling in her the desire to spread the word of Allah. Her innate genius and sincerity was coupled with a supportive and like-minded husband, Dr Muhammad Idrees Zubair, also a scholar with special interest in Hadith.

As a student, Dr Hashmi excelled throughout her academic career, winning numerous medals, prizes and scholarships. After completing her Bachelor’s degree from Sargodha Degree College, she did her Masters in Arabic from Punjab University, Lahore. Dr Hashmi started her career as a lecturer in Sargodha Degree College. Soon after, she joined as a faculty member of the International Islamic University, Islamabad. She was awarded with a merit scholarship to proceed for her PhD in Hadith Sciences from the University of Glasgow, Scotland, which awarded her the title of Doctor.

On her return, she again resumed teaching at the International Islamic University. While teaching at the University, she simultaneously continued conducting Quranic study circles for women. After realizing that there is a strong need for promoting the deeper understanding of Quran, she decided to establish a centre of Islamic learning. This is how her brainchild, Al-Huda International, came into being in 1994 in Islamabad.

Al-Huda International Welfare Foundation is a name synonymous with unbiased, quality Islamic education. Al-Huda is a place where any and every woman, irrespective of religion, caste or material stature, is welcomed to come and learn the true teachings of Islam. With humble beginnings, Al-Huda has a network of branches in every continent of the world, with innumerable students who have become Muslims by choice and have rediscovered Islam as the way of life that guides them in every practical situation. A global wave of Quranic awareness was triggered by Dr Hashmi, and innumerable students of Dr Hashmi have, in turn, taken upon themselves the voluntary service of educating others about Islam.

Her audio cassettes and CDs are available worldwide on a variety of topics, online and otherwise. She has written papers on the rights, roles and responsibilities of a woman in the light of Quran and Sunnah and contribution of Muslim women scholars in dissemination of al-Hadith-al-Nabawi.

Dr Hashmi is also accredited with coupling Islamic learning with a wave of revival of Islam’s humanitarian spirit. Thus, Al-Huda is also known for serving the less privileged and compromised components of society as a trusted welfare organization.

Dr Farhat Hashmi is seen today as an iconic figure, responsible for helping generations of Muslims develop a personal, one on one relationship with the Quran. She is considered as one of the most influential contemporary Muslim scholars (Ulema). As an orator, her lectures and talks, based on authentic knowledge, are known to touch the hearts of millions, as every word she speaks is from the heart.

Mother of three married daughters and a son, Dr Farhat Hashmi is, a role model for women, multi-tasking her responsibilities as a mother, wife, teacher and scholar.