Dr. Hassaan Anwer Rathore is a pharmacist and currently a lecturer at Cardiovascular & Renal Physiology / Pharmacology Research Lab, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University Sains Malaysia,

Dr. Hassaan Anwer Rathore

Professional Achievements

Dr. Hassaan Anwer Rathore is a pharmacist and currently a lecturer at Cardiovascular & Renal Physiology / Pharmacology Research Lab, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia. Coordinating the teaching of subject Endocrine system & metabolism and teaching Cardiovascular system to the second and third year pharmacy students.

He completed his bachelors in Pharmacy from College of Pharmacy, University of The Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan in 2001. During his B.Pharm program he was awarded the President’s Talent Scholarship in appreciation of his academic achievements.
After completion of his professional studies in pharmacy he joined the marketing division of Saffron Pharmaceuticals as territory manager and progressed rapidly to assistant field manager within a short time period. His management, sales and scientific inputs for the company were also recognized at Millennium Max Pharmaceuticals where he served as a field manager.
After that he joined a Japanese Pharmaceutical company as product specialist and was part of the program development for launch and post marketing research of Otsuka’s research products for hepatic encephalopathy and peripheral arterial disease. He was also a team member of the company which developed and conducted a Phase IV clinical trial. His achievements towards innovative ideas, management skills, financial contributions to the company and development of key opinion leaders in the field of diabetology were appreciated and recognized by the company’s management.
He was also partly responsible for the scientific training matters related to field operatives during his service in Otsuka pharmaceutical division. He also represented Otsuka pharmaceuticals in a national seminar and workshop on good clinical practices, good prescribing practices, rational use of drugs and adverse drug reaction reporting organized by World Health Organization and ministry of health, 2003, Lahore, Pakistan.
During his 4 years of professional career in the pharmaceutical marketing his quest for research enabled him to conduct a study investigating pharmaceutical marketing practices and to investigate the importance of pharmacists in the capacity of source of knowledge to health care providers. The results of this study were presented at the 20th Federation of Asian Pharmacists Association (FAPA), 2004 held in Bangkok. Another such paper was presented in 2005 in the 20th annual scientific meeting of MSPP, Penang, Malaysia.
He was awarded a direct admission to Ph.D in School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia based on his excellent achievements in his bachelor’s degree and the PhD proposal on stem cell research and transplantation for experimental Pharmacology/Physiology studies. His appreciable research progress and excellent presentation and educational achievements were recognized by the university (USM) in the form of granting him the Graduate Assistantship for teaching undergraduate program of pharmacy in USM. After his achievements were noticed by the government of Pakistan he was nominated as an MTCP scholar and now he is receiving a scholarship by the government of Malaysia for the period of his PhD candidature.
He has been trained in several management skills, psychological assessment, sales and marketing techniques, leadership traits development programs, occupational safety and health and research methodologies at both national and international levels. Moreover, he has served as Treasurer for the International House Students Representative Committee of USM, an executive committee member of the postgraduate society of school of pharmaceutical sciences USM, marketing and fund raising volunteer of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Center Lahore as well as president of blood donor association Islamia park welfare society Lahore.
Dr. Hassaan A. Rathore has presented his research in more than 15 national and international scientific conferences including the annual scientific meetings of Pakistan Pharmacists Association (PPA), Malaysian Society of Pharmacology and Physiology, Malaysian Pharmaceutical Association and others. Currently two of his research papers discussing cardiovascular function and role of alpha adrenoceptors in kidneys in the state of left ventricular hypertrophy are being reviewed by international peer reviewed scientific journals.
He is a member of several scientific associations including American Physiological Society, Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society, Pakistan Pharmacists Association, Commonwealth Pharmacists Association and Malaysian Society of Pharmacology and Physiology. He also serves as an honorary editor to the Malaysian Society of Pharmacology and Physiology for two consecutive terms of 2006 to 2007 and 2007 to 2008. He was a member of the scientific/Technical committee for the 20th scientific meeting of MSPP, Penang 2005 and was also appointed as the chairman of a scientific session in the 1st USM post graduate international scientific conference PIPGC 2006, Penang. He served as a member of scientific committee USM-UNAIR 1st collaborative conference 2007, Penang.
Dr. Hassaan A. Rathore was awarded his doctorate in March 2009 and started his teaching career with The School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University Sains Malaysia, Penang. Shortly after the start of his teaching career he received a travel award by the British Physiological Society to present his research paper at the Experimental Biology 2009 conference held in New Orleans, USA. In July 2009, he had the privilege to present his research work at the 36th International Union of Physiological Sciences, Kobe, Japan and received a travel award from the American Physiological Society and a young investigator award from IUPS.
Currently he is expanding his research interests from neuro humoral control of kidney and cardiovascular system in health and disease to molecular level. With more than seven research articles published in international scientific journals he is now a days supervising the research of two doctorate and two MSc post graduates students.
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