Dr. Moeed Pirzada (Director & Anchor), studied International Relations at the School of International Affairs, Columbia University, New York and studied Media & Internet law at London School of Economics, where he was a

Dr. Moeed Pirzada

Professional Achievements

Dr. Moeed Pirzada (Director & Anchor), studied International Relations at the School of International Affairs, Columbia University, New York and studied Media & Internet law at London School of Economics, where he was a Britannia Chevening Scholar with the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

He is a political commentator and a TV journalist. He is also an anchor at Dunya News and hosting TV programmes. He has interviewed many politicians around the world. He also wrote columns for the leading national newspapers.
he has also been a Director World Affairs and Content Head of PTV News and hosted the famous talk show Sochta Pakistan, a programme that discussed national, regional, strategic, social and educational issues with politicians, analysts and policy makers. He has also worked for the Express News. Previously, he has worked with Waqt News and hosted Tonight With Moeed Pirzada Programme.
At Columbia University, he was Asst. Editor with the Journal of International Relations and made several contributions to South Asian Newsletter and fortnightly Communiqu‚; he worked with the Southern Asian Institute and remained closely associated with the organization of international conferences at that center of global excellence; he worked as external consultant with United Nations and World Economic Forum (Davos Group) and contributed to UNDP’s major publication: “Making Global Trade work for People” (EarthScan: London, 2003)
Dr. Moeed Pirzada has been a columnist for major Pakistani publications like the Karachi based, The Dawn, and The News; his policy papers have appeared in the Journal of Islamabad Policy Research Institute (IPRI); has been invited to international conferences, seminars and symposia across the US, UK, South Korea, Turkmenistan and Pakistan.
In UK he has been a member of the International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS), and has worked as external consultant with Commonwealth Business Council, and India & Pakistan Relations Study Group (INPAREL); he has assisted BBC with its documentaries on South Asia and was selected by Ford Foundation and Foreign & Commonwealth Office for the under forty leadership of South Asia at “Third South Asia Forum” at Wilton Park.(2003). In Pakistan he worked with Central Superior Services (CSS) and was awarded for meritorious services by the Federal government in 1998.
School of International & Public Affairs, Columbia University, New York; Masters International Affairs, 2001-2; Concentration: International Economic Policy.
London School of Economics, UK: MSc. Regulation; Department of Law; 2002-03, Research Analysis of the Law and Politics of Economic, Network, Media & Internet Regulation.
University of Punjab, Pakistan; MBBS; 1983-89.
Resident Training Programs
London School Of Economics: New Europe in World Economy; EU Economic Integration;1999.
Directorate of Training and Research, Pakistan: Constitutional Law, Policy & Procedure 1991-2.
Civil Services Academy, Pakistan: Economics, Political Science & Regional Studies 1990-91.
Professional Experiences (Over view)
Civil Services of Pakistan, 1990-2001
Selected for the Central Superior Services, after a distinct position in the nation wide competitive exams in 1989; and worked in different areas of public policy at increasing levels of responsibility. My job involved: assisting the top management in regional centers and federal capital with the overall process of strategic planning and decision-making: policy input papers; political analysis; economic assessments and forecasting; trade policy formulation; tax policy implementation; organizing conferences, seminar and expert panels; interacting with chambers of commerce and trade, regulatory bodies, and public Accounts Committee; administering first stage quasi-judicial proceedings and representing the government in courts and federal tribunals on technical matters related to policy and international commitments. Later selected by British Foreign & Commonwealth Office as a Britannia Chevening Scholar-a scheme reserved for potential leaders in government and industry.
Research & Consulting Assignments:
Commonwealth Business Council: As external consultant researched and wrote the chapter on Pakistan in Commonwealth Business Council FDI report, “Insight 2003; Foreign Direct Investment Report (London: 2003) Ed. Richard Synge”. Publication is to assist global business and governments with investment decisions.
United Nations Development Program: External consultant, with the core team that brought out UNDP’s major publication “Making Global Trade work for People” (Earthscan; London, Virginia, 2003); Conducted seminars with other UN agencies, academics and civil society NGO’s; Researched and wrote chapters on Antidumping and Trade Facilitation for this UNDP publication and contributed to other chapters.
World Economic Forum (Davos Group): External Consultant from Columbia University to World Economic Forum, Davos Group, during its annual conference in New York, Jan-Feb 2002.
India and Pakistan Relations Study Group, Leicester University (INPAREL): As external Consultant assisted with the conferences and seminars: University College London, Jan 2003; Kings College March 2003; Georgetown University October 2003 and with the conference at International Institute of Strategic Studies in March 2004.
Investment Bank Goldman Sachs: Consulting Assignment on a joint workshop between School of International Affairs and investment Bank Goldman Sachs on institutional problems in West African Oil & gas industry. (Jan-May 2002) Focus: Nigeria, Angola, Ivory Coast and Ghana.
Assisting the ‘Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies’ Honolulu, with the planned conference, Media, terrorism and the battle of ideas’ (scheduled: 1-3 Dec, 2004).
*** World Today, Ptv-Prime’s flagship program on current affairs, attracts a diverse viewer-ship across four continents. A daily broadcast from London, (6-7pm, BST) it provides an interactive platform for Pakistani Diasporas spread across UK, Europe, Middle East, and Central Asia and will soon be available in North America. It is available on cable in Pakistan.
This program aims to follow the political, social and cultural developments around the globe that affect the interests and consciousness of Pakistani state, society and its Diasporas. An ambition, such large in scope, instils a variety that makes, World Today, unique among all programs of its kind: one program may offer an in-depth analysis of South Asian politics, Indo-Pakistani relations or a rape case in a village; another may focus on the implications of new legislation on British Muslims and yet another will look at the developments in Middle East or the changing patterns of global media.