S. M. Jahangir Khan Sherpao is an Architect/City & Regional Planner by profession. He did his FSc from Cadet College Hasanabdal. He then proceeded to METU Ankara on an RCD Scholarship but after a

Jahangir Sherpao

Professional Achievements

S. M. Jahangir Khan Sherpao is an Architect/City & Regional Planner by profession. He did his FSc from Cadet College Hasanabdal. He then proceeded to METU Ankara on an RCD Scholarship but after a year he joined Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) Chicago, USA. His professors at METU were instrumental in his transfer of studies to IIT Chicago, USA.

IIT is known as the birthplace of Modern Architecture. Jahangir Khan studied there in the Tradition of Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe, The Modern Master of Architecture. He received his Professional Bachelors in Architecture and a Masters in City & Regional Planning. His final project before returning to Pakistan was the American Airlines Terminal Extension and Uplift at O'Hare Chicago, then the busiest airport in the world. This was while at Ellerbe Becket Inc. in Chicago as one of a two man design team on the project.

Upon return to Pakistan, Jahangir Khan set up 'Architecture Planning & Design Group' in 1989 as a Professional Architectural, City & Regional Planning and Interior Design Consultancy located in Islamabad. The Firm has grown in size and stature and is now one of the leading firms of its kind in Pakistan with Offices in Islamabad and Karachi with associates in Lahore and Peshawar.

Jahangir has been involved with the revival of the Board of Architectural Education in Pakistan alongside Akeel Bilgrami, furthering the cause of Architectural Education in Pakistan as the accredited schools grew from 7 to 15 in the past 7 years.

Jahangir Khan Sherpao started by introducing his design team and talking about the importance of multitasking and also educating the client through the process of design and construction. He structured his presentation around his ongoing, completed and under design process projects. He believes in simple, linear design that he can accentuate by using the right kind of furniture, art work, landscape elements and transparent walls that help open up the spaces. His interiors are much simpler in quality then his residences which were evident in his slides.

He showed Institutional buildings like Beconhouse Informatics in Islamabad, extension of the World bank in Islamabad, Pakistan Post, Union Bank building and projects they are currently working on with Emmar Pakistan. They have experimented a lot in the last few years and therefore been able to device a language of their own. Their organizing components are achieved by a selection of specific materials, formulation of distinct orders of arrangement and working with scales and proportions to achieve targets set by the firm.

The interiors comprised of banks and corporate offices. He explained how each plan is seen in totality and finishes decided in close coordination with the clients. The overall layout is discussed and then each detail designed keeping in mind the traffic flow and the activities it generates. He gives most importance to the functionality rather than the cosmetic surgery which he feels is the last to follow. His added degree in urban planning gives him an edge and command on understanding large spaces. He showed some of his development schemes and his style of approach. He told the audience that he tries to find solutions to all his problems by constantly going back to them and addressing the day to day issues that are most crucial to all design assignments. He felt firmly that the answers lay in simplicity, unity and nature.

All his work is primarily a group effort and he praised his team for the hard work they put in. He has in his practice tried to create consistency through transformation, technology and keeping pace with today's rate of change. His work showed that they are trying day and night to compete with the global market that is fast evolving through information technology.

Jahangir Khan Sherpao is also an educationist and very closely involved with the Higher education commission and Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planners (PCATP). He is currently the Member Architecture of PCATP, member of many juries and part of the accreditation committee for architecture Universities in Pakistan. Mr. Sherpao presented his works amongst a large audience of architects under the banner of CITE. He showed a number of interior design projects for various multinationals, residential and buildings projects.

Jahangir Khan has been elected unanimously to the prestigious office of President of Institute of Architects Pakistan (IAP) for a period of three years. His recognition by his peers and fellow professionals as the President of the Institute is an honor well deserved and an opportunity to further serve and advance the profession both within Pakistan and represent Pakistan on the four International Architectural forums of ARCASIA, SAARCH, UIA (Union of International Architects), and the CAA Commonwealth Architects Association.