Jahangir Waseem is the first Young Pakistani in the field of Online Media who got fame and attention from the people in a very short time. His company was one of the sponsors of Joven Venezuela (Young Venezuela) annual modeling

Jahangir Waseem

Professional Achievements

Jahangir Waseem is the first Young Pakistani in the field of Online Media who got fame and attention from the people in a very short time. His company was one of the sponsors of Joven Venezuela (Young Venezuela) annual modeling event in 2009. It was the first time when a South Asian company sponsored the event of its kind in Venezuela, South America.
Wasim not only established an empire of online media and communication services but also the founder of ORIGIN Community Development Organisation which is a private funded non-profit organisation. In the age of 20 a book published with Wasim's name on title by the editors Frederic P. Miller, Agnes F. Vandome and John McBrewster.
Jahangir Waseem is the youngest son of Waseem Ahmed. He was born in Quetta on 15 January 1991. Jahangir finished his schooling from St. Mary's School, Quetta and did his Intermediate in Computer Science from Pearl Institute of Information Technology. Jahangir started his career from writing editorials on social issues for a daily newspaper.
Jahangir Wasim started his career from Daily Public a newspaper from Quetta. His first article was on child labour which published in 2005 and he was 14 years old that time. In 2009 he started working as Executive Director for Awam Group of Publications.
In 2010 OARAX Network an independent internet company owned by Jahangir Wasim bought the rights of Rediff Pakistan and cleared the controversies related to the name (Rediff Pakistan) and resolved the copyright objections. Although Nexus Technologies Pakistan Co-Delegated by PKNIC, (PKNIC is responsible for the administration of the .PK domain name space) warned Wasim that this domain have copyright issues and is in observation by Government of Pakistan.
Jahangir Wasim and companies associated with his name received claims of copyright violation and intellectual property disputes worth 2.03 million in total till February 2011.
In 2007 Jahangir Wasim launched Origin Community Development Organisation a self financed charitable organisation with main focuses on Women Rights, Child Abuse, Health and Education. Origin established number of free medical camps around Balochistan with the support of local doctors and hospitals.
The company launched an education program in 2011 according to which Origin will provide scholarships to the students who are competent but leaves education because of lack of funds. Origin started a project Fight for Charity in association with Hotona and the funds will go for the betterment of the countries affected by the war against terrorism.
In 2011 Jahangir Wasim formed Solution 9 as the parent company for his other companies. After the launch of the company Jahangir said in a press release that 'Solution 9' aims to provide solutions for everything, we provide you everything you need from a charter airplane to a simple HTML page. This company will be a complete solution for your almost all of the personal and business needs but of course they should be legal.
Jahangir Wasim is on the board of director for the following organisations.
Solution 9 Chairman, Origin Community Development Organisation President, OARAX Network Chairman, HOTONA Executive Director, NAXAF Inc. Executive Director, Naxaf Digital Solutions Vice President, Awam Group of Newspapers Executive Director
Jahangir Wasim is known for promoting education and health facilities for vulnerable people. Wasim worked in the fields with doctors to provide medical support in different areas of Blochistan and visited education institutes for the awareness sessions. He delivered the lectures to students in government educational institutes with health facilitators to provide gender and hygiene awareness. Jahangir received many awards including Youth Humanitarian Award (Balochistan), Khidmat-e-Khalq Award 2008 and 2010, NAXAF Best Businessman Award for Online Businesses 2009 and 2010, Origin Award for Volunteers for Humanity 2009 and TAQAZA Teen Entrepreneur Award 2008.
Jahangir Wasim and family received multiple threats to life, in late 2007 some unidentified people broke into the house of Waseem Ahmed at night to assassinate Jahangir Wasim or Waseem Ahmed but security lights raised alarm on the backyard of the house near Jahangir’s room. police found no identification on the people involved in the attempt. In 2008 a powerful bomb exploded in the corporate office of Awam Group in Quetta city. According to news appeared in late 2008 Waseem Ahmed and his family have serious threats from local extremist of Balochistan and government advised them to take extra security measures.
Jahangir Wasim now lives in London, United Kingdom.