Mian Amer Mahmood is a renowned Pakistani educationist and a business entrepreneur, who owns and operates the largest educational network in Pakistan. He is also the owner of a large Media Group comprising both Electronic

Mian Amer Mahmood

Professional Achievements

Mian Amer Mahmood is a renowned Pakistani educationist and a business entrepreneur, who owns and operates the largest educational network in Pakistan. He is also the owner of a large Media Group comprising both Electronic and Print Media. He has been the first elected Mayor (Nazim) of the City District Government, Lahore.

In 1985, after completing his MBA from Punjab University, Mian Amer Mahmood chose to venture into the education sector of Pakistan. In 2013 his educational network runs 450 schools under the banner of Allied Schools, 25 under Resource Academia, 234 branches of Punjab Group of Colleges (PGC) and 3 chartered and accredited universities with about 250,000 students. The Group has to its credit about 1,000,000 Alumni.
Mian Amer Mahmood launched Punjab College of Commerce in 1985 followed by Punjab Law College in 1987 and Punjab College of Business Administration in 1989. In 1993, he established Punjab Institute of Computer Sciences, followed by Muhammad Ali Jinnah University in 1996. In 2002, 2003 and 2010 he launched the University of Central Punjab, Resource Academia School System and Allied Schools respectively.
His business career also coincided with his social and political services, which began with his election as a City Councilor in 1987. He was re-elected in 1991 in a landslide victory in the Local Bodies elections.
His career saw a further rise with his election as the Mayor of the city of Lahore in 2001. He completed his tenure in October 2009. During his tenure as Mayor, he, through devolution of power, initiated a development process to the doorsteps of the electorate, particularly in the areas of education, health and reforming the bureaucratic processes of the City District Government of Lahore. He was re-elected for a subsequent term of four years which he successfully completed in 2009.
It was during his tenure as the Mayor when Lahore and Glasgow were declared twin cities while Lahore and Chicago were declared sister cities.
The next stage of Mian Amer Mahmood’s career is marked by an interesting turn with the launch of 2 high-tech HD Ready Satellite TV Channel. Dunya Television Network was launched in December 2008. Within a short span of three years, it became a top ranking news channel in Pakistan. It was followed by the launch of an Urdu newspaper Roznama Dunya, from 6 major cities of the country simultaneously in 2012.
As a successful entrepreneur, Mian Amer Mahmood currently holds the following portfolios:
Chancellor: Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi. (Chartered by the Government of Sindh and accredited by the Higher Education Commission).
Chairman: University of Central Punjab, Lahore Board of Governors (Chartered by Government of the Punjab.)
Chairman: University of Central Punjab, Lahore. (Chartered by the Government of Punjab and accredited by the Higher Education Commission).
Chairman: Capital University of Science and Technology (Chartered by the Federal Government).
Chairman: Punjab Group of Colleges (Punjab Group of Colleges is the largest network of educational institutions in Pakistan with a student body of approximately 250,000.)
Chief Executive: Educational Excellence Limited: A public limited Company, which owns and manages Colleges imparting professional education in the fields of Law, Business Administration, Commerce and Computer Science as well as providing high quality educational infrastructure at Resource Academia School System.
Chief Executive: National Communications Services (SMC) (Pvt) Ltd. (Dunya Television Network)
Media Division (News & Entertainment Channels) and Dunya
Chief Executive: National Education Network (Pvt.) Ltd: A Company which franchises Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools by the name of Allied Schools.
Trustee: First Pakistani member from the private sector, Board of Trustees, Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand (Est. 1959 by SEATO Member countries) from 1995 to 1998.
Mayor (Zila Nazim): For Two continuous terms from 2001 - 2009.
Achievements and Credits:
He is the first ever member of the Board of Trustees, of the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand Established in 1959 by SEATO Member countries from Pakistan.
For his services as Mayor of the city of Lahore, he was declared “The Son of Lahore”, by the President of Pakistan at a ceremony held at the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2012.
In recognition of his valuable services towards the education, political and media sectors of the country, he was honoured with the Hilal e Imtiaz, a highly prestigious national award, by the President of Pakistan.
Social Services:
Mian Amer launched Dunya Foundation which has successfully achieved its objectives and works for the welfare and uplifting of the society. DUNYA FOUNDATION is a non-political and non-profit organization and its goals are to promote education and serve humanity by:
Providing free books, stationery and other necessities of students to the underprivileged students. Providing free and affordable education to the students, who have the will to study but cannot bear the expenses.
Awarding Scholarships to the needy and competent students. Awarding Scholarships and prizes to the students attaining top positions in the Board Examinations.
Inculcating in the students a sense of responsibility, duty and dignity of labour.
Motivating the students to uphold their identity as honourable citizens of Pakistan.
Propagating the ideology of Islam and Pakistan among students.
Besides promoting education, Dunya Foundation has also been active in: Providing shelter to vulnerable homeless people, elderly, victims of natural disasters and the disabled.
Establishing Income Support Programs. Helping and working in collaboration with other non-profit organizations.
Landmarks Achieved:
Establishment of Punjab College at Canal Bank, Lahore 1985
Establishment of Islamic Commerce Educational Society 1986
Establishment Punjab Law Colleges 1988
Punjab College at Faisalabad and Rawalpindi 1988
Punjab College of Business Administration, Lahore 1991
Punjab Institute of Computer Science, Lahore 1993
Punjab College at Islamabad 1996
Punjab College at Gujranwala 1997
Punjab College for Women 1998
Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi 1998
Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Islamabad 1998
Punjab College opens its branches in Sargodha and Multan 1999
Punjab College of Information Technology 2000
Tower Technologies (Pvt.) Limited starts operations 2001
University of Central Punjab 2002
Resource Academia School System 2003
Punjab College at Sialkot 2004
Punjab Colleges of Science 2005
Punjab College at Rahim Yar Khan 2006
Dunya News Network goes on air 2008
Punjab College expands its network to Bhawalpur, Gujrat , Okara 2009
New Campus of University of Central Punjab at Johar Town, Lahore 2010
New Campus of Mohammad Ali Jinnah University in Islamabad 2010
National Educational Network (Franchised Educational Network) 2010
Newspaper Dunya Roznama 2012