Mona Siddiqui, PhD, DLitt (Hon), FRSE, FRSA, is Professor of Islamic Studies and Public Understanding, Department of Theology and Religious Studies and the Director for the Centre for the Study of Islam at University of

Mona Siddiqui

Professional Achievements

Mona Siddiqui, PhD, DLitt (Hon), FRSE, FRSA, is Professor of Islamic Studies and Public Understanding, Department of Theology and Religious Studies and the Director for the Centre for the Study of Islam at University of Glasgow. She graduated with Honours in Arabic and French in 1984 from the University of Leeds and gained the Membership of the Institute of Linguists, with distinction in spoken French in 1985. Subsequently she did her MA in Middle-Eastern Studies, University of Manchester in1986, Diploma in TEFL, Manchester Linguarama School in 1989 and PhD (University Scholarship) in Classical Islamic Law, University of Manchester in 1992.

 Prior to the current position Mona Siddiqui held the following posts:-

• (2002 – 2006) Senior Lecturer in Arabic and Islamic Studies.

• (1995 – 2001) Lecturer in Arabic and Islamic Studies, Glasgow University.

• (1998) Founder and Director of Centre for the Study of Islam.

• (1993-1995) Glasgow Caledonian University Lecturer in Islamic Law and Theology.

• (1990-1991) Manchester Metropolitan University, Lecturer in Islamic Studies.

• (1989-1990) Manchester University (Part-time lecturer in Arabic literature).

• (1986 -1987) Dewsbury College (Part-time lecturer in Arabic language).

Her regular contribution to services outside the University has been as a consultant and contributor on issues of Islam both in the public sector and particularly in the media. She writes regularly for the national and international press, including the Times, Scotsman, Guardian and Herald. She also works regularly with the BBC Radios 2, 3 and 4 and BBC World Service and is the only regular contributor to Thought for the Day for both BBC Scotland and BBC Radio 4 since 1997. She also contributes regularly to the Sunday programme for both BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio Scotland. This has been of great significance in profiling Religious Studies at the University of Glasgow over the last few years. It has also made her a primary contact on religious and ethical matters for the BBC and other media. She has also been an advisor as well as contributor to the BBC on several of their educational Religion and Ethics websites. She also contributes regularly to Radio Free Europe based in Central Asia. Her work in the media demands regular involvement with developments in broadcasting on a wide range of issues and is frequently invited to meetings and lunches with Governors and Directors of the BBC, where high level discussion groups are held.

The following National, International Recognition and Honours are credited to Mona Siddiqui’s name:-

• First Muslim speaker to deliver `Time for Reflection’ at The Scottish Parliament, December 1999.

• Awarded DLitt. (Hon) Wolverhampton University, September 2002.

• Awarded Carnegie and Rockerfeller Visiting Scholarship to the USA to speak on Islam in a number of American universities in 2004. Coordinated by the American University of Beirut.

• Patron of Kilgraston Private Catholic Girls School, Perthshire.

• Invitation to take part in the Progressive Governance Conference, hosted by Tony Blair, 11th-13th July 2003.

• Awarded grant of $150,000 from the Ford Foundation for project on Muslim Philanthropy. Appointed two researchers for this project. The initial meeting took place in Bali, July 2003 and two further meetings were held in Cairo, April 2004 and Istanbul, September 2004. The findings will be published in a final Ford Foundation report in 2006.

• Member of Advisory Board for Glasgow’s Gallery of Modern Art.

• Member of Advisory Board for Scottish Asian Arts, 2004.

• Member of Editorial Advisory Board for IB Tauris Religious Studies project, 2003.

• Member of Editorial Board for the Journal of the American Academy of Religion, 2004.

• Ongoing participant in the European Inclusion Index in Brussels, January 2004.

• Invitation to act as reviewer for the full Study of Islam Section at the American Academy of Religion conference, San Antonio, November 19-22nd, 2004.

• Elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, March 2005.

• Elected Fellow of Royal Society of Arts, October 2005.

• Awarded McCord Ecumenical Prize, from Centre for Theological Inquiry, Princeton, October 2005.

Mona Siddiqui’s areas of research are Classical Islamic law, Early Islamic Theology and Thought, Contemporary legal and ethical issues in Islam and modern Arabic literature. She has successfully supervised eight PhD students over the last eleven years and Six Master’s students and is currently supervising two PhD students in areas of Islamic law and Theology. She has also supervised two international post-doctoral students. She is also a regular reviewer of book proposals for Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press and Routledge. She works with the Nuffield Foundation regularly as a reviewer for grant applications.

Apart from her many Senior Administrative Roles in the University she is a regular External Examiner for PhD and also credited her name are many significant published contributions in Peer reviewed journals.