A brilliant Researcher, Scholar and Anchor of Top Rating TV Shows (Natural Health with Dr. Samad), Prof. Dr. Abdul Samad is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and founder of Zheel Sciences Studies and Research Center. With

Prof. Dr. Abdul Samad

Professional Achievements

A brilliant Researcher, Scholar and Anchor of Top Rating TV Shows (Natural Health with Dr. Samad), Prof. Dr Abdul Samad is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and founder of Zheel Sciences Studies and Research Center.  With amazing abilities for curing physical & physiological diseases, he has conducted numerous seminars, workshops, and sessions as well as delivered multiple presentations or speeches to a wide variety of audiences, ranging from small and intimate interactive group settings to hundreds of participants.

Dr Abdul Samad, who has earned his PhD in Alternative Medicine, has been serving humanity for over 20 years. Many of his articles have been published in national & international newspapers and magazines. He has worked closely with World Health Organization, UNICEF, & Medicines Sans Frontiers.

Dr Samad has discovered Samda Healing Therapy (The World’s most successful Healing therapy), HMF (Human Magnetic Frequency the World’s most successful formula), PMBL (Power of Mind and Body Language) and DA Instant Yoga (The World’s most Effective Yoga).

Samda is the most successful healing therapy. The frequency of Samda Healing therapy is so much high that it combines all the master levels of other healing methods. Samda Healing therapy is used to cure all kinds of chronic, physical and psychological diseases.

HMF is a course which can be used to increase human magnetic frequency and can be used to achieve goals of life. After attending HMF course one can bring betterment in life and also in the lives of others. HMF brings positive changes in life according to one's choice and increases self-confidence. It improves concentration power and intelligence and strengthens the belief in Allah (SWT).There are many other benefits of HMF including solutions of all educational problems, bringing positive changes in the behaviour, strengthening the relationship and increasing memorizing power.

PMBL teaches how to use Power, Mind and Body Languages and the best ways of learning to use the word powers, face impressions, body language, best conversation and communication skills helping mental, physical and sound energies.

Currently, Dr Abdul Samad is serving people in treatment of diseases under Zheel Sciences Studies & Research Centre and healing poor and needy people in free health camps which have been organized under Health Happiness Society. With his company registered in UK (Natural Health with Dr. Abdul Samad), Prof Dr Abdul Samad has come up with natural products for natural health care. He has his Production House (Samad Production) under which several informative documentaries on natural health and mind sciences have been made and aired on various TV Channels.

Dr Samad has the expertise in several mind sciences and alternative medicine techniques which he has been using for 20 years for bringing his patients quickly back to health, wholeness, wellbeing and activating their innate mind power. His specialty is the integration of the world’s most powerful healing techniques like Samda Healing Therapy. This comprehensive healing system helps patients heal quickly which also contains higher frequencies that attune automatically to all kinds of Reiki Master and Grand Master Levels. SAMDA Healing Therapy is highly powerful than Reiki according to Reiki Practitioners.

Dr Samad is also a Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) licensed by Society of NLP (USA) and Richard Bandler. He is the instructor of Silva Ultra Mind ESP System (USA) He is acclaimed as the Prince of Healing due to his endeavours for the noble cause of humanity.

Dr Samad's Motto is Love, Help and Blessing to the Humanity. Healing is a gift of God which he inherited by birth. He is doing an immaculate research for the prosperity and welfare of the humanity which results Health, Happiness & Success. His foremost message to the world is to come towards natural life by avoiding junk food and chemical-mixed drinks, alcohol and any type of Narcotics which give harm to the health.