A semi-classical, pop and rock singer, poet, actor, director and producer Sajjad Ali was born on 24 August 1966 in Lahore. His father, Shafqat Hussain (Sajan), was a film actor, who appeared for the first time in a film, Badal Aur

Sajjad Ali

Professional Achievements

A semi-classical, pop and rock singer, poet, actor, director and producer Sajjad Ali was born on 24 August 1966 in Lahore. His father, Shafqat Hussain (Sajan), was a film actor, who appeared for the first time in a film, Badal Aur Bijli in 1973. He was also a cricketer. Sajjad did his FA from National Art's College, because of which, his uncle, Tassaduq hussain started teaching music to him with his classical collections.

Sajjad Ali briefly studied classical Piano at the University of Karachi, graduating with a BA. During Sajjad's training, Hussain played music from classical artists such as Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, Ustaad Barkat Ali Khan and Ustad Mubarak Ali Khan.

Sajjad's first classical hit album, 'Master Sajjad Sings Memorable Classics' was released in 1979 by EMI-Pakistan. The musicians were Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, Mehdi Hassan, Ghulam Ali and Amanat Ali Khan, while most of the songs were written by Hasrat Mohani, Momin and others.

Sajjad made his television debut in a program, Aap Janab by Athar Shah Khan. After this, he appeared in Rung Barangi Duniya by musician Sohail Rana. He also performed in a program Rag Rung in 1980 at the age of 14, however on the 25th anniversary of PTV's stage show, called Silver Jubilee by Shoaib Mansoor, Sajjad got real fame through the song, Banwari Chakori, originally sung by Noor Jehan. On 26 November 1983 during a show, Sajjad sung the songs, Lagi Ray Lagay Lagan Yehe Dil Mein and Bawari Chakuri.

Sajjad Ali performed at the launch of a US sponsored music video to promote health awareness about mothers and new-borns. Sajjad along with his brother Waqar Ali, wrote lyrics for most of the songs in his albums, while lyricists, Sabir Zafar, Mohammad Nasir, Nadeem Asad, and Ali Moin have also written some songs.

In July 2006, Sajjad released a single called Chal Rein De, a more classical song. In September 2006, he released another single in a totally different genre with the help of Meloscience Corp. The song is known as Sajjad-Ali Sinsym Flight, and it is an experimental, jazzy, Sufi beat. In late April 2008, Sajjad released his album, Chahar Balish, which contained new tracks as well as some previous tracks such as Chal Rein De.

Two new compositions of Sajjad Ali from the film Bol by Shoaib Mansoor were released by Tips music on 22 May 2011 in India and on 30 May 2011 by Fire Records in Pakistan. He also appeared in the second episode of Coke Studio with his song ‘Kir Kir’, broadcasted on the major television channels across Pakistan in June 2011. He produced Babia 93, Chief Saab and Sohni Lag Di.

Sajjad Ali directed his first telefilm, Love Letter in 1989, and then his first full-length motion picture, Aik Aur Love Story in 1998. Before that, he also performed as an actor and a singer in a film, Munda Tera Deewana which was directed by Zahoor Husain Gillani. Sajjad has also sung, songs for drama serials, Teri Yaad in the PTV drama serial Thori Khushi Thora Ghum, Na Boloon Gi in Na Tum Jano Na Hum Janain (ARY Digital) and Sunn Leyna in Sunn Leyna (ARY Digital). His brother, Waqar Ali also helped him during the making of these songs as he is credited too.

Sajjad composed songs in Shoaib Mansoor's 2011 film Bol. Sajjad stated that the songs were recorded in his own studio in Dubai and by the name of Din Pareshan hai, having two versions. According to Sajjad Ali this song is different from the song in his album Chahar Balish which has also the same title.

Musician, A. R. Rahman has described Sajjad as the original crossover. From the realm of the classical, he metamorphosed into one of the brightest lights of Pakistani pop. Always striking the right note, and never missing a beat, even the most hardened purist has to give Sajjad his due. This man can breathe life in a Ghazal even as he puts the V back into verve. He is one of the very few singers in Pakistan who seems a complete singer. As far as skill is concerned, most probably nobody compares to Sajjad Ali. He is simply too good at everything he chooses to create.

Sajjad Ali got married to his college sweetheart in 1989. He has four children from Noreen, two sons and two daughters. He lives in Ajman, United Arab Emirates with his family. His two brothers have also made a name in the Pakistan music industry named Waqar Ali and Lucky Ali.