Shahid Yusaf is the honorary investment counsellor for Pakistan in Vancouver. He belongs to an old well respected traditional family of Peshawar. Patriotism and love for Pakistan is in his blood. His maternal

Shahid Yusaf

Professional Achievements

The influence of Pakistanis abroad is difficult to quantify. The economic changes are the most visible signs for most people but many people also expend considerable energy and vitality in helping to create a better life for everyone. Such work is invaluable but often invisible to the majority. One such person is Shahid Yusaf, who has done exceptional extra work in the promotion and development of Pakistan.

Shahid Yusaf is the honorary investment counsellor for Pakistan in Vancouver. He belongs to an old well respected traditional family of Peshawar. Patriotism and love for Pakistan is in his blood. His maternal grandfather, still considered an icon in Peshawar for his service to the people of KPK known as chacha Younis, was the first Muslim Secretary of the Municipal Corporation of Peshawar during British Raj time. A graduate of Ali Garh (MA, LLB) he along with Shahid's paternal grandfather Sardar Gul Khan, formed a strong alliance of Muslim league leaders which led to the victory of Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar from Peshawar in 1946 elections. Shahid’s Parents Masood Ahmed Khan and Shamshad Masood also were involved in various community welfare projects in Peshawar.

Shahid got his early education from PAF Degree College Peshawar and then started his professional studies at KPK University of Engineering and Technology. However, in first year of his studies he moved to United States and completed his BSC (computer Sciences) degree and MBA from Oregon State University (OSU). He also has an accounting designation (Chartered Professional Accountant) from Canada.

Shahid Yusaf started his professional career in United States as a strategic management consultant and was part of the team to restructure State System of Higher Education. However the love for Pakistan led him to reject lucrative job offers and career in USA and went back to Pakistan in 1992.

In Pakistan Shahid started his career with Fergusson Associates (A Price Waterhouse Company) on a World Bank (WB) Project where he worked as financial Analyst. In 1996, he helped form a management consulting firm, which in 1998 became the largest management consulting firm working for Asian Development Bank (ADB) in Pakistan.

In 2000, the company went through a big transformation and it decided to setup operations in North America. As Shahid had migrated to Canada since 1997 the company decided that he would oversee its international operations.  Since then he has been actively involved in launching a number of initiatives including projects in United States, Canada, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Samoa, Laos, Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia, Portugal, Italy, Spain and many other countries. Besides that it has alliances and strategic partnerships in almost all the western European countries and a number of Asian countries.

Shahid has worked for various international organizations including the WB, the European Commission (EC), German Technical Cooperation (GTZ), the ADB, The Canadian International Development Agency, The Japan Bank for International Cooperation, Japan International Cooperation Agency, The United Nations Development Programme, The Department for International development (UK), The Royal Netherlands Aid and may others.

Since 2010, Shahid spend most of his time for charitable causes and in the last 5 years, has helped raising nearly US $ 86 Million worth of resources for non-profit sector in Pakistan. He works for an NGO called PEI started by Expatriate Pakistani’s in 2002.

Shahid Yusaf has led initiatives in many countries around the world in the areas of social services delivery, including Mother & Child Health, Informal Basic Education and Economic Empowerment at the grass root level including Pakistan. As Honorary Investment Consular of Pakistan in Vancouver, Canada for many years Shahid has promoted trade and investment opportunities between Canada and Pakistan. As Principal of a global consulting firm he has worked in 22 countries around the globe and has been an advisor to many Asian governments.

Shahid is an economic development specialist and specializes in grass roots economic development and job creation. He also acts as an investment advisor to various public / private sector entities and Investment funds. He also has rich experience in Governance, institutional restructuring and reorganization and public sector transformation.  Shahid also has private sector expertise including work with EC to develop new quality management Standards for Small and medium size enterprise to conform to the standards developed by European Foundation for Quality Management. He also established a PVC pipe factory in Peshawar in 1992

Shahid Yusaf’s wife Dr. Kiran Yusaf is a graduate of Khyber Medical College and has done masters’ in Public Health from Health Services Academy, Quaid-e-Azam University. They have, two kids, 16 year old Shahran and 13 year old Nawfal.