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Who is Who section of this website is dedicated to highlight those Pakistani individuals who have become celebrated in their respective fields and made successes of them across the globe. If you think you meet the qualities to be a Pride of Pakistan or you know someone who does, you are welcome to submit the profile online or email the profile at info@prideofpakistan.com with photo in jpeg or gif format and 600x350 pixels in size. Please remember, you need to Register/login to submit the profile online.

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Farhaj-Uddin Siddiqui

Young Pakistanis are among the most dynamic and energetic people in society. Those who have attained a good level of education and professional status

Farhan Aslam

Farhan Aslam is one of Britains' most talented and in demand British Pakistani TV personality and journalist. He is currently working as a Managing Di

Akhtar Mahmud Faruqui

Akhtar Mahmud Faruqui is the editor of Pakistan Link. He served as Assistant Editor Dawn Pakistan's leading daily, before taking over as editor of Pak

Bushra Ansari

Bushra Ansari was born on 16 February 1960 in Karachi. She is a television presenter, singer, actress and playwright who started as a child performer

Mah-Rukh Ali

Mah-Rukh Ali, who was born on 1 January 1982 in Oslo to Pakistani parents, is a Norwegian journalist and news anchor. She was only 14-year-old when sh

Haseeb Hassan

Haseeb Hassan was born in Huddersfield and moved to Scotland at an early age with his parents. Haseeb studied at Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, an

Sultan Alam

Sultan Alam is Senior Project Manager with Zuhair Fayez Partnership Consultants a Construction Management Company for Saudi Japanese Automobile High I

Waqar A. Abbasi

While at college and University, for nearly ten years, Waqar worked with the BBC (radio and television) as well as volunteered at a radio station in C

Dr Tariq Mahmood Mian

Reconciling personal achievements with the broader needs of the community is something, which greatly desired by Pakistanis. They selflessly seek the

Bashir Ahmed Maan

Bashir Ahmed Maan, CBE, JP, DL, MSc, LLD, a graduate of Punjab University Lahore, has been involved in the struggle for independence of the Indian sub

Ahsan Butt

Ahsan Butt graduated (BA) from Ohio Wesleyan University in 2006 and earned his PhD in Political Science from the University of Chicago in 2012. He is

Mohammed Nawaz Haq

There are no professions that one can think of where Pakistanis have not become involved and particularly the last couple of decades have seen a marke