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Who is Who section of this website is dedicated to highlight those Pakistani individuals who have become celebrated in their respective fields and made successes of them across the globe. If you think you meet the qualities to be a Pride of Pakistan or you know someone who does, you are welcome to submit the profile online or email the profile at info@prideofpakistan.com with photo in jpeg or gif format and 600x350 pixels in size. Please remember, you need to Register/login to submit the profile online.

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lkram Khan

One feature of the lives of Pakistanis in Britain is the way they have been able to recognize developing fields, new businesses, and bright ideas and

Asma Jilani Jahangir

Asma Jilani Jahangir, who was born into a prosperous and politically active family with a history of activism and human rights work, is a leading Paki

Ali Mirza

Currently the Director of the Minority Business Enterprise Program of Nassau Countys' Minority Affairs Agency, Ali Mirza has come a long way from his

Farkhanda Chaudhry

Farkhanda Chaudhry has five children and one grandchild. She has worked with the Muslim community for many years and professionally her background lie

Shahida Jamil

Barrister Shahida Jamil was the first woman to be appointed as Federal Minister for Law, Justice and Human Rights and Parliamentary Affairs in 2000, a

Sonya Jehan

Sonya Jehan was born to Noor Jehan's eldest son, Akbar Hussain Rizvi and Florence Rizvi who is French. She was born and grew up in Karachi. Her origin

Sarmad Ali

Sarmad Ali, who gained a Masters' degree from Villanova University, USA and has twenty years, experience in marketing, advertising and media managemen

Faran Tahir

A Pakistani-American film and television actor, Faran Tahir was born on 16 February, 1964 into an acting family in Los Angeles, California, where his

Samina Baig

Samina Baig made Pakistani nation feel immensely jubilant after becoming the first female Pakistani to set foot on the worlds' tallest mountain Mount

Zainab Qayyum

Zainab Qayyum, who was born in Karachi with her family roots in Kohat, is a model, an actress and a TV host. She is considered to be one of the most t

Fayeeza Naqvi

Founding Trustee of the Aman Foundation, Fayeeza Naqvi was born in Karachi. She studied Economics at the London School of Economics and Political Scie

Dr. Mehreen Faruqi

Dr. Mehreen Faruqi, a Pakistan-born migrant became the first Muslim woman to enter the Australian state parliament as she was selected by the New Sout