Salt Roasted Corn (Makai) & Chickpeas (Chanay) |

Salt Roasted Corn (Makai) & Chickpeas (Chanay)

SALT ROASTED CORN AND CHICKPEASRecipe in English:Ingredients:• Corn cob as required• Corn Kernels as required• Salt 1 packet• Chickpea (white) as required (soaked overnight)• Chaat masala to taste• Lemon as required Tip: It is very important that the corn kernels are plucked by hand as shown in the video and the exterior of the corn kernels is completely dry. Any extra moisture on corn and chickpeas will make them too salty. Also make sure your salt is very hot when you put in the kernels.Directions:For Corn Kernels:-Pull husks away from corn cob. Remove corn silk.-Peel corns kernels from the corn cob, set aside-Corn Kernels must be dry -Take a large wok, add one packet of salt, heat at high flame for 10 mins-The salt color will change from white to grayish white, add kernels and cook until corns/kernel starts to brown, stir occasionally.-Strain corn kernels through strainer, rub with clean cloth to remove extra salt -Sprinkle chaat masala and squeeze lemon juice, mix well and serveFor corn cob:-Add corn cob on salt and roast or cook until corn cob starts to brown, turn corn occasionally-Tab to remove extra salt-Rub lemon with chaat masala and serveFor chickpeas:-Soak chickpeas overnight, drain and dry with clean towel. -Add chickpeas on heated salt and roast until chickpeas change color, stir occasionally-Strain chickpeas through strainer, rub with clean cloth to remove extra salt -Season with chaat masala-Serve and enjoyRecipe in Urdu:Ajza:• Makai hasb e zarooart• Makai ke dane hasb e zarooart• Namak 1 packet• Safed channay hasb e zarooart (soaked overnight)• Chaat masala hasb e zarooart• Lemon 1Direction:For Makai:-Makai ko cheel kar saaf kar lein-Makai mein sa Makai ka dane alag ker lein aur side per rakh dein-Makai ka dane ko khusk huna zarori hai-Karhai mein namak ka packet dal ker 10 mins kliya tez annch per garam ker lein-Namak ka color tabdeel ho jaye tou Makai ka dane shamil ker lein aur paka lein yahan tak k Makai ka color sunhairi/brown ho jaye, chamcha chalatay rahein-Makai k dane chaan lein aur saaf kapray ki madad sa ezafee namak saaf ker lein-Ab is mein hasb e zaroorat chaat masala aur leemun dal ker ache tarhan mix ker lein aur serve kareinFor Makai:-Makai ko namak mein dal ker bhoon lein aur musalsal turn kertay jayein-Makai ko tab ker lein ta k extra namak alag ho jaye-Leemun aur chaat masala laga ker serve kareinFor channay:-Chana ko raat bhar bhego ke rakhen, chaan ker saaf kapary ki madad sa sukha lein-Chane ko namak mein dal ker bhoon lein , chamcha chalatay rahein-Ab Chane ko chaan lein strainer ki madad sa aur kapray sa ezafee namak saf ker lein-Chaat masala hasb e zaroorat dal ker serve karein.

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