Finger Fish with tzatziki sauce Recipe |

Finger Fish with tzatziki sauce Recipe

This is a tried and tested Fish finger recipe. We used kingfish for this which is known as Surmai in Urdu. And to go with it we also made Tzatziki sauce which is pronounced as Zatziki sauce. Give it a try and you will definitely love this recipe. A tip for you is that you can freese the fish fingers for a few days but not more. Use think breadcrumbs for the nice exterior texture. If you dont want to deep fry then just simply bake it. Recipe by Maria MubeenFish Fingers with Tzatziki Sauce Recipe in English:Ingredients:- Fish Fingers Surmaee (Kingfish) or any of your choice ½ kg - Turmeric 1 tsp- Vinegar 1 tbs- Salt 1 ½ tsp Or to taste- Black Pepper 1 tsp - Egg 2- Flour 1 Cup- Bread Crumbs 1 ½ Cup- Oregano 1 tsp- Lemon Zest 1 tbs- Oil for Deep FryTzatziki Sauce:- Yogurt 1 cup- Lemon Juice 1 tbs- Cucumber medium shredded- Salt ½ tsp- Fresh Dill 1 tspDirections:- Wash fish fingers and add vinegar & turmeric in it and leave for 15 mins. Wash the fish fingers again and put it in a strainer so they become dry. - Now prepare the coatings for fish. - Beat the eggs in a bowl. Take flour in another bowl.- In third bowl, add Salt, Black Pepper, Oregano and lemon Zest in Bread Crumbs mix well and set aside. - Now coat fish fingers in Flour first then dip them in beaten eggs and lastly coat with Bread Crumbs. Repeat the process for all and put them in freezer for 15 mins. - Heat the oil in pan and keeping the flame medium. Fry the Fish Fingers. - Fish fingers can be baked in a preheated oven at 200C for 15-20 mins. Tzatziki Sauce:- For Tzatziki sauce, Hang the yogurt in cheese cloth or any fine cloth for 20 mins so the water drain out from yogurt. - Squeeze shredded cucumber to take out excess water.- Add lemon juice, salt, shredded cucumber and dill in yogurt. Mix well and chill the sauce. - Serve with Fish FingersFish Fingers with Tzatziki Sauce Recipe in UrduIngredients:- Fish Fingers Surmaee (Kingfish) or any of your choice ½ kg- Haldi 1 tsp- Sirka 1 tbs- Namak 1 ½ tsp Or to taste- Kali Mirch Powder 1 tsp - Anday 2- Maida 1 Cup- Bread Crumbs 1 ½ Cup- Oregano 1 tsp- Lemon zest 1 tbs- Oil Deep Fry ke liyeTzatziki Sauce:- Dahi 1 cup- Lemon juice 1 tbs- Kheera medium shredded- Namak ½ tsp- Soya 1 tspDirections:- Fish fingers ko dho kar sirka aur haldi laga kar 15 min rakhein phir ek dafa aur dho kar strainer main daal dein take uska saara pani nikal jaye and dry hojaye. - Fish ki coating tyar karein. - 1 bowl main 2 andey beat karlein. Dosre bowl main maida nikal lain. - Teesre bowl main bread crumbs lain aur namak, kali mirch, oregano, lemon zest shamil Karke mix karlain. - Ab fish ko maide main dust karein phir anday main dip karein aur akhir main bread crumbs main coat karke rakhein. Saare pieces aise coat karlain. Ab coated fish fingers ko 15 min ke liye freezer main rakh dein. - Karhai main oil garam karke medium heat pe Fish fingers ko Fry karlein. - Fish fingers ko preheated oven main @ 200 C pe 15-20 mins ke liye bake bhi kiya jasakta hai.Tzatziki Sauce: - Dahi ko bareek kapray ya cheese cloth main 20 mins ke liye latka dain. Is se uska sara pani nikal jayega. - Shredded kheera ko squeeze karain take zaid paani nikal jaye.- Ab is main lemon juice, namak, kadukash kheera aur soya shamil kar ke schi tarah mix karlein. Sauce tayar hai.- Fish Fingers ke sath serve karein.

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